Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Benefits of Running

  My afternoon didn't go as planned and I was super grouchy.  I was irritated that the evening I had planned didn't come to be and I felt the daggers coming out of my eyes.  I was just daring somebody to say something to me because I was ready to pounce. My responses to others were short and my blood was boiling inside. It was just one of those afternoons. 
  I texted Bradley, my hubs, and let him know how frustrated I was with a lengthy text explaining my woes.  Then, I texted him.....
I need to go run.
  If you are not a runner, then you may not understand this need.  The need for me to run at that moment came from the depths of my soul.  I physically yearned to go for a run.  I was aching for it.  I knew that a run would instantly improve my spirits and set me back on the path of happiness.  Thankfully, my husband understood.  He agreed to take over at football practice so that I could come back home and run.
I cannot describe to you how theraputic a run is for me.  Of course, I have days where running feels like a chore.  I have lots of those.  But, then there are days when I can't get my shoes tied quickly enough.  I am so eager to get out there and hit the road.  Today was one of those eager days.  And the run today was fantastic! 
I am sitting here typing this all drenched in sweat.  Feeling happy.  Feeling rejuvenated.  Feeling all better.  The stars are now back in line as they should be because of my run. 
The benefits of running are endless....so I created this little photo to show my love for the sport......