Thursday, April 26, 2012

Accidental Carb Loading

  Two nights ago, I was sitting with my best friend at the ball park.  We both have boys, she has 4 and I have 3.  Two sets of our boys are on the same baseball teams....the 9 year olds and the 7 year olds.  Our 7 year olds were playing and we were cheering, as is typical on any given night.  I overheard her explain to her husband that she had left spaghetti on the stove for when he arrived home with part of her gang from a different game.  I perked up at the thought of spaghetti.  When she got off the phone, I interjected....
"We haven't had spaghetti in forever!  I don't know why I have cooked it in a while."

So, I made a mental note to go to the store to buy the things I need to have spaghetti for dinner sometime in the next day or two.  Today was the day.  But just as I was fixing my plate, I giggle as I realized that I had just prepared the most "cliche" prerace meal in the world for the night before I left for my half marathon.  Everybody....even about eating lots of carbs a day or two prior to a long distance race.  But I prepared it with only the thought that it would be yummy and the boys would like it.

 I accidentally carb loaded.

And I rather enjoyed it.

There are all kinds of things that runners are suppose to do before a big race.  You can google "last minute running tips" or "race preparations" and get thousands and thousands of tips and tricks of things that you MUST do to correctly prepare for a race....from prehydration to elevation mapping to aid station planning.

Basically, I didn't do any of that stuff.

There were, however, a list of things that I did do to prepare for the half-marathon in Nashville this weekend.

1. Carb Load. (Okay...admittedly, this was an accident.)

2.  Order a new running outfit so that I would feel FAB! (I finally found a skirt that absolutely does not chaffe my legs!)

3.  Write out plans for my substitute teacher for my kindergarten class. (Also make copies, lay out books, mentally prepare students...this list goes on and on...)

4. Cook enough spaghetti so that all my guys will have leftovers to eat tomorrow night.

5. Organize transportation to all baseball games for all boys while I am gone.

6. Trim toenails (I do not want any more black toenails.  It's not attractive.)

7. Charge camera battery

8. Charge IPOD

9. Wash baseball uniforms after tonight's game to be ready for the game tomorrow night. (Why else would I STILL be awake?)

10.  Pray that I won't need to poop during the 13 mile race.

So there you have it.  The real race day preparations.

I feel totally ready.....well, I will as soon as the washer finishes the spin cycle with those darn uniforms.

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