Monday, May 28, 2012

Magic City Mudder

Running in the mud and conquering obstacles with my friends may be my new favorite kind of running. 

This weekend, I joined a group of my running girlfriends at the Magic City Mudder in Springville, Alabama.  We had an absolute blast!  It was a different kind of running challange.  One that focuses on enjoying the experience and finishing together.  No one cared about the time it took to finish.  I actually have no idea how long it took us to get to the finish line.

This was a 5K Mud Run that included 20 obstacles in 3 miles.  Throughout the 5K, we trekked through several mud pits, jumped through tires, climbed over hay bales, scaled a wall, army crawled through sand, ran over hills, bear crawled through culverts, and crawled under muddy rope obstacles. 

The 5K was over before I knew it and we have talking about it nonstop since it ended.  Our group has already signed up for our next challenge coming up in a few weeks.  We are eager to chart more experiences together while being active at the same time.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by friends who value friendships, a healthy lifestyle, and a good dose of dirt.

And of course, I was still a Mommy during this race.  I carried my 3 little guys with me.  They were happily my race photographers. My two little ones were able to play in the Kids Mud Pit and Tucker is now itching for next year when he will be old enough to participate with me.  My goal is to model a healthy lifestyle for my boys and I get all giddy when they want to participate with me.



  1. This looks like a really fun event!

  2. You got some handsome looking boys there. That race sounds like so much fun. I'm doing something like it. The one I'm doing is the WARRIOR DASH in July. I cant wait it looks like a blast. I love running with my girls.