Monday, May 7, 2012

Snot Rockets and Loogie Spitters

  Before I was a runner, I had no idea what a Snot Rocket was.  And I had no idea that there was socially acceptable occassion in which loogie spitting was embraced.  I now consider myself well versed in the execution of the Snot Rocket and the expulsion of the loogie.

  Now, let me clarify....

 I, myself, am not a loogie spitter or a snot rocket blower.  I suppose that my body just doesn't produce an excess amount of these type fluids for me to feel the urge to expel them from my body during a run.  Although I am not a Snot Rocketeer or a Loogie Spitter, I realize than some people must take part in this exercise.....and I am not looking down on them for that.  Nay, nay.....we all have our issues to overcome while running. 

Throughout the last few years of running, I have learned that there are certain unwritten rules that runners follow when expelling the Snot Rocket or the Loogie.

1.  Check over your shoulder for a nearby runner before blasting
2.  Administer with force so that the remains aren't left on your face
3. Never lose stride
4.  Pretend you didn't do it. 

During my most recent half marathon...I was witness to all matter of Snot Rockets and loogie spittings.  It was going on ALL AROUND me.  At one point, I was even feeling like a bit of an underachiever since I had nothing to blast.  Oh, the joys of the distance run.

Yesterday, my email inbox pinged. The download link to the Nashville Half Marathon photos from the official race photographers had arrived.  I was giddy with excitement as I scrolled through the photos.

 I was happy to see this shot of me grinning like a possum and covered in sweat just across the finish line......

I loved this shot that shows my determination to power through those darned hills.

I loved this thumbs up one.  I was obviously thrilled here because I was finally running downhill.

And then in this one, I was looking a bit more weary, but still had the energy for a wave. 
But... wait a minute....what's that?

Upon closer inspection.....
I realized that the race photographer had successfully recorded a loogie spitter in the photo.....


Now.....if only I had a photo of a Snot Rocket....
my life would be complete.

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